Relief For Homeowners Under the Settlement Agreement

Am I Eligible for Consumer Relief Under the Settlement Agreement?

Deutsche Bank is evaluating how to provide relief under the Settlement Agreement. The Settlement Agreement does not require Deutsche Bank to provide Consumer Relief to any specific consumers. If you have specific questions for Deutsche Bank, please contact Deutsche Bank.


What Forms of Relief May Be Available to Homeowners Under the Settlement Agreement?

Pursuant to the Consumer Relief portion of the settlement, Deutsche Bank will provide loan modifications, including loan forgiveness and forbearance, to distressed and underwater homeowners, as well as financing for affordable rental and for-sale housing throughout the country. More specifically, options for Consumer Relief include:


  • Reduction of a borrower’s unpaid principal balance on their mortgage.
  • Forgiveness of a borrower’s previous mortgage loan forbearance.
  • Forbearance of a borrower’s repayment of a portion of mortgage principal until a later date.
  • Providing various forms of loan modifications to borrowers seeking to refinance with a new lender.
  • Extinguishment of the full balance of a borrower’s second lien mortgage
  • Forgiveness of some or all of a homeowner’s outstanding debt related to a junior lien or unsecured debt.
  • Origination of loans to consumers in certain hard hit areas or who have lost a primary residence to foreclosure or short sale or are first time buyers with low or moderate income.
  • Forgiveness of principal associated with an occupied home where foreclosure is not pursued and the liens are released to help stabilize distressed neighborhoods by creating incentives for homeowners to stay in their homes.
  • Financing for the construction, rehabilitation, or preservation of affordable low-income rental and for-sale housing.


Additional Information for Homeowners

For additional information, you may refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) posted on this website by clicking here.  The FAQs include more detailed information regarding the settlement agreement for homeowners.


Beware of Potential Fraud

Federal and state law enforcement authorities have previously received reports of scammers attempting to take advantage of homeowners under similar settlements. These efforts may include scammers claiming to be representatives of parties offering relief under such settlements who request that homeowners disclose personal information, such as bank account numbers and Social Security numbers. Homeowners should be mindful of these scams before disclosing any personal information to someone claiming to be a Deutsche Bank representative. To report a suspected scam or other suspected fraudulent activity, please contact the FBI at 202-324-3000 or online at https://tips.fbi.gov. You may also wish to contact the United States Attorney’s Office where you are located or where the fraud was committed. Visit the Offices of the United States Attorneys for a list of the 93 United States Attorney’s Offices and links to their websites.