Many Americans have lost income due to the coronavirus pandemic and are concerned about how to pay their mortgage. If you have been financially impacted by the coronavirus and have questions about what your mortgage options are, please review the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Guide to Coronavirus Mortgage Relief Options. To identify your mortgage servicer, check your most recent monthly mortgage statement, or if you received an IRS Form 1098 or 1099-C, your servicer is listed as the payee.

This is the site of the Independent Monitor appointed to oversee the Consumer Relief portion of the January 17, 2017, settlement between the United States Department of Justice and Deutsche Bank resolving claims that Deutsche Bank violated federal law in connection with residential mortgage-backed securities. The settlement requires Deutsche Bank to provide $4.1 billion in Consumer Relief to underwater homeowners, distressed borrowers, and affected communities through loan modifications, loan origination and refinancing for homeowners, and financing for affordable rental housing.

About the Settlement

Pursuant to the Consumer Relief portion of the settlement, Deutsche Bank will provide loan modifications, including loan forgiveness and forbearance, to distressed and underwater homeowners, as well as financing for affordable rental and for-sale housing throughout the country.